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Tout à propos de Bellatrix Black

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Crédit(s) :
Eden Memories
Disponibilité RP :
Mélusine de Valmont ; Narcissa Malfoy ; Decima Carrow ; Ravenna Potter ; Eleanor Glenmore (0/5)
Célébrité :
Eva Green
Enrôlé(e) depuis le :
Camp :
A snake biting its own tail, she wants to save the magical world from itself, no matter the means to do so or the consequences.
Age du Personnage :
34 yo
Particularité :
Legilimens and Occlumens, she's mentally ill, result of an explosion of unrestrained magic when she was younger. She is the patient zero, first of the Mutes, the only one who remembers.
Baguette :
Walnut, 12 3/4'' long, dragon heartstring core, unyielding. Her wand is an unwanted ally, it doesn't obey her, doesn't want to, but she is utterly lost without it.
Patronus :
Her magic is too unstable to produce any kind of patronus, and even if she could, her mind is too broken to find the will or the power.
Epouvantard :
A small, white room. A bed. Restrains. Needles and the hum of electricity. People watching her. Every night she's there again, in her dreams, until she wakes up screaming. She doesn't sleep anymore.
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Life's Story
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Bellatrix Black
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